The TA Waiver program serves individuals who are age 0 through 21 years, chronically ill or medically fragile and dependent upon a ventilator or medical device to compensate for the loss of vital bodily function and require substantial and ongoing daily care by a nurse, comparable to the level of care provided in a hospital setting, or other qualified caregiver under the supervision of a nurse to avert death or further disability. Furthermore, the individual is hospitalized or at imminent risk of hospitalization, whose illness or disability, in the absence of home care services, would require admission to a hospital. 

The following is a list of technologies that qualify for the TA Waiver:

  • Ventilator - total or intermittent dependence
  • Tracheostomy
  • C-Pap or BiPap - continuous over 8 hours
  • Oxygen - continuous over 8 hours
  • Oximetry - counted only as technology points if child also utilizes continuous oxygen
  • Apnea Monitor - same requirements as oximetry
  • Feeding Tube (such as G-tube, NG tube, G-J Tube) - providing majority of daily nutrition
  • TPN or IV Therapy - continuous over 6 hours
  • In-home Dialysis

Once a child meets the technology requirements, which has a minimum point requirement, a nursing acuity assessment is then completed by the MATLOC Eligibility Specialist (MES), who is a licensed nursing professional. There is also a minimum acuity point level required for TA eligibility. For children ages 0 to 6, a minimum of 20 acuity points are required for eligibility. For children ages 6 thru 21, a minimum of 30 acuity points are required for eligibility. 

When a child is found eligible based on the MATLOC assessment, the family is also required to complete the KanCare application that is specifically for people with disabilities. It will be provided to the family by the MES with instructions on how to properly submit it, along with the supporting documents required by the State. If this is not completed and submitted to the KanCare Clearinghouse, the child will not be able to receive TA Waiver services.

Once a child meets all eligibility requirements and is placed on the TA Waiver, the assigned MCO care coordinator will work with the family to get nursing services started. The MES will conduct an eligibility assessment every 6 months to determine if the child still meets the eligibility requirements.

For more detailed information regarding the Technology Assisted Waiver, eligibility requirements, and referral, please call 316-721-1945. If your call is unable to be answered, it will be returned within 24 hours, or the next business day. You are also welcome to send an email to 

CRC welcomes conversations with families who feel they are in need of assistance and if the TA Waiver is not the appropriate service avenue, you will be directed to other avenues and entities who could possibly provide assistance and/or support.